Finally, the endless typing game we've all been waiting for.

Type the words that come up. When you finish a word, you will flap. When you correctly type a letter, a little bit of upwards lift will be added to your velocity, letting you glide. Don't hit the obstacles or the top or bottom of the screen. Try to go for as long as you can.

Have fun!


  • I started working on this in October 2015 as a joke and just kept coming back to it. Hopefully I'm done with it for now, unless I feel really inspired about adding to it or changing it.
  • Made with Unity 5.3
  • The WebGL/HTML5 version takes a wee while to load and has no loading screen, so give it a moment. It can be very jittery for the first few seconds of play. I'm generally quite unimpressed with the current state of Unity's WebGL player. You may prefer to play a desktop build.
  • Let me know if the Linux and Mac builds work! I've no way of testing them at present.
  • Let me know if your high score isn't being saved properly.
  • Thanks to all the folk who gave me feedback and told me that the game wasn't awful. Extra thanks to Connor Halford (@rhythm_lynx | for the dictionary file which I have found no reason to replace.
  • Typewriter sound effects by John Leonard French (Unity Asset Store page). Explosion sound effect by Mike Koenig ( The font used is Joystix Monospaced.


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